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Poppy suspender belts

Attach easily and quickly - just clip & go!

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Poppy suspenders in media

The business and innovative products were featured on Channel 4 and the biggest national media, e.g.:

Recommendations from industry experts

Jack Levene

former Head of Lingerie at Marks & Spencer UK

''The fastening on this suspender belt is a great boon to both the user and to their partners. This is the first innovation in years, it speeds up production and makes it far easier for the user when attaching or removing from stockings.''

Geeta von Tease

one of UK’s top 20 burlesque performers

I’m very happy to support your extremely clever and entrepreneurial idea and especially like the fact that your suspender belt could be worn by women who would usually struggle to wear stockings and suspenders because of a disability like arthritis of the hands. I think you have tremendous business acumen and I think you should put yourself forward for the 'Business Woman of the Year Award’’.

Helen Kitajewski

Finalist of Miss British Curve 2016 and Miss Pembrokeshire Curve 2016

‘’This product is unique and innovative! This new suspender belt also looks fabulous, in a range of sexy colours’’.

Khandie Khisses

one of UK’s top 20 burlesque performers

’In burlesque you are always looking for new and novel ways to help with the tease of your performance, this marvel from Ella Vine lingerie has provided an ingenious way to help us. In our day to day stocking wearing, who doesn’t love a garment that makes it easier to be a sassy hosiery wearer?!’’

Ladyluck Namurach

Miss Cardiff 2015 and Finalist Miss British Beauty Curve 2016

‘’Sounds like a fantastic idea to me as I would loop with to be able to wear a pair of stockings with confidence!! A belt with easily attachable clips would be a godsend to a lot of larger women especially those that are unable to bend for long periods to try and attach the clips."

Lady Blue Phoenix

burlesque teacher and dancer

‘’I and my colleagues think that this will change the burlesque world. It will open up a door to wear different stockings and we will know they are more secure and will stay in place’’.

Jilly Frillies

lingerie blogger

’Poppy suspenders are the future. They are wonderful, elegant, sexy and so effortless that you will run bestockinged, crying with relief and thanking Ella forever.’’

Kate B.

‘’I gave up on regular garter belts because I can't ever get the rear one done, so I'm loving your poppy products.’’

Poppy suspender belts

Attach easily and quickly - just clip & go!

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